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Lancaster Friday 21/10/11

Posted Monday, 24 October 2011, 10.47am


North West Auctions Lancaster saw an improved trade on the week for the 414 head of store cattle that were offered last Friday.  The ringside was packed to the hilt and has not looked as busy for a long time. 

Store bullocks averaged £861 throughout the sale topping at £1320 to J Twigge, Holmelands for a pen of Limousin bullocks.  Heifers topped at £1200 to B Clark, High Fell Gate for a pen of British Blue heifers. 

A small entry of cows and calves sold to £1480 for a Limousin with Bull Calf from Tony Birkett, Hall Croft Barn.  

Another magnificent entry of cast cows & over thirty month cattle saw 143 head sold through the ring.  Cows were only a couple of pence less on average than last week levelling at 116p/kg.  Best price of the day went to Messrs FI & ME Little with a Charolais cow at 167.5p/kg (£1317).  Cast heifers topped at 184.5p/kg (£1188) to T Nelson & Partners, Cockerham Hall for a Charolais heifer.  OTM bullocks were a strong trade topping at 181.5p/kg again to T Nelson & Partners for a Hereford.  Top price cast bull of the day was £1465 for a Simmental from Messrs H Halhead & Son, Lawsons Farm.    

Calves continue to sell to a large crowd of buyers with 17 active this week.  The days top price of £375 was achieved for a 10 week old Shorthorn heifer from FI & ME Little, Helm Croft with bulls to £350 for a Charolais x from T & D Sharp, Gateside Farm.  Young beef calves sold to £222 and £165 for 16 day old British Blue twins from J Bargh & Son, North Farm.  Black 7 Whites sold to £205 for a strong dark calf from RH & RA Fawcett, Green Dragon Farm with strongest calves regularly £85+ with all types averaging £48.  Black & Whites do benefit from having a bit of age and strength. The monthly sale of stirks attracted new purchasers & vendors from as far a field as Shrewsbury this month.  £430 was achieved for 5 month old Limousin bullocks from Messrs Young, Moss End Farm with all stirks generally £340+.  

The end of season sale of breeding sale saw an insufficient entry of sheep for the interest shown.  Only rams forward selling to £330 for Texel Shearlings from RT Sutton, Crosscrake Farm.  

TOP PRICES   STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £1030 Low Levens Farm; £980 Old Glasson Farm; £950 Sunderland Brows. Lim: £1320 Homelands; £1290 Tewitfield Farm; £1100 High Green; £1080 Wray Farm, North Farm; £1040 Tenters Farm; £1030 Hill Top; £1000 Sykes Fold Farm.  Char: £1100 The Borrans; £1060 Holme House; £820 Manor House Farm.  Hfd: £1140 Old Glasson Farm; £1040 Cock Hall Farm; £1020 Daniel Fold Farm; £970 Green Close.  Sim: £1150 Holmelands; £1050 Stubb Hall Farm.  Blonde: £1100 Station Hotel; £830 Cross House Farm.  BB: £1280 High Fell Gate; £920 Brow Foot Farm; £830 Holmes Farm.  Ang: £1040 North Farm; £1000 Raw End Farm; £990 Longlands Farm; £980 Low Kit Brow. Sho: £960 Bury Lane. MRI: £860 Fiddlers Farm. BrB: £1280 High Fell Gate; £1090 Mount Pleasant Farm; £1070 Tewitfield Farm; £1050 Moss Croft; £1030 Tarnwater Farm; £1010 Midge Hall Farm. Mont: £1040 Moss Croft.

STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £960 Sykes Fold Farm; £950 Brow Foot Farm; £800 Kimberley Avenue, Low Barrows Green; £790 Jolleys Fold Farm. Char: £690 Holme House. Hfd: £910 Sandholme Mill Farm; £890 Yew Tree Farm; £800 Kimberley Avenue; £660 Larbreck Hill Farm.  Sim: £800, £690 Larbreck Hill Farm; £750 Cross House Farm. BB: £1200 High Fell Gate; £980 Lower Castle o Trim; £940 Ghyll Farm; £900 High House Farm.  Ang: £930 Moss House Farm; £910 Prospect Farm; £880 Park Farm; £870 Brow Foot Farm; £860 Raw End Farm. Sho: £790 Jolley Fold Farm. Saler: £620 Cross House Farm.  Stab: £770 Cross House Farm. BrB: £1200 High Fell Gate; £960 Lower Castle o Trim; £870 Yew Tree Farm; £830 Prospect Farm; £820 Kendal Hill; £800 Midge Hall Farm.    

BULLS – Fr: £700 Oddlands Farm. Hfd: £820 Oddlands Farm. WB: £820 Oddlands Farm; BrB: (stirks) £520 High Hedley Hope Farm.  

BREEDING CATTLE – Lim Cow & Calf: £1480 Hall Croft Barn.  

CAST COWS - Fr: 159.5p/kg Birks Farm; 157.5p/kg Docker Hall; 147.5p/kg Corney Hall Farm; 141.5p/kg Booth Hall; 139.5p/kg Whittington Farm, Strickland Hill.  Lim: 139.5p/kg, 134.5p/kg  Riddings; 127.5p/kg Brown Edge.  Char: 167.5p/kg, 147.5p/kg  Helm Croft; 137.5p/kg Low Hall Beck; 134.5p/kg Brown Edge.  Hfd: 127.5p/kg Riddings; 124.5p/kg Oddlands Farm. BB: 134.5p/kg, 131.5p/kg White Carr Farm; 127.5p/kg Over Houses. Mont: 121.5p/kg Lane House.

OTM HEIFERS – Char: 184.5p/kg Cockerham Hall. Fr: 159.5p/kg, 144.5p/kg Laithwaite; 141.5p/kg Longstripes Farm, Deersleet Farm.

CAST BULLS/OTM STEERS – Hfd: 181.5p/kg Cockerham Hall; 157.5p/kg Heald Farm.  Sim: 177.5p/kg Tenters Farm; 149.5p/kg Lawsons Farm.

BULL CALVES/STIRKS– Fr: £205 Green Dragon Farm; £180, £150 Hood Ridding Farm; £115, £98 Netherbeck Barn. Lim: £430, £375 Moss End Farm; £270, £268, £232 Green Dragon Farm.  Char: £350 Gateside Farm. Ang: £410 Little Moss Side. BrB: £222, £120 North Farm.

HEIFER CALVES/STIRKS – Lim: £205 Green Dragon Farm.  Sim: £300, £280 Gateside Farm. Ang: £300 Little Moss Side; £270 Gateside Farm. Sho: £375 Helm Croft. BrB: £370 Moss End Farm; £165 North Farm.  

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