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Lancaster Friday 17/12/10

Posted Friday, 17 December 2010, 1.55pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart had an excellent finish to the 2010 store & breeding stock Friday sales. A better than expected catalogue entry of 225 stores were forward through the ring together with 28 rearing calves and one of the largest entry for many months of cast cows and over thirty month cattle. Indeed a wonderful entry of 117 cast cows were sold to average of 84.5p/kg to a packed ring of buyers. Top price of 151.5p/kg went to M & L Preece, High House Farm for a Limousin cow. There were many cows well over 140p/kg throughout the sale. Black & White cows with meat were also in much demand selling to a top of 139.5p/kg from J & H Bland & Son, Ninezergh. This cow also produced a top price per head of £913.73. Cast bulls were also in good order throughout the sale selling to a top of £1064.25 from J & O Galbraith, Endmoor Farm.

In the store cattle the store trade finished the year in very sharp fashion. Both steers and heifers averaged well over £700 per head throughout the sale. Top price of £1050 went to J Bargh, Old Woodhouse for a superb Simmental bullock. Heifers topped at £970 again for Simmental bred cattle this time from P Lawrenson, Walmsley Fold.

A small entry of rearing calves found best beef calves very dear on the day selling to a top of £370 for British Blue bull calves and £385 for British Blue heifer calves. Both top prices were made by K Purtill, Hindley Green.


STORE BULLOCKS – Fr: £860 Carr House Farm; £800 Jolley Fold; £750 Cock Hall Farm; £740, £720 Lonsdale. Lim: £1020 Old Woodhouse; £1000 Willow House; £1000, £880 Millbeck; £990 Orchard Heys Farm; £920 Walmsley Fold; £900 New House Farm. Char: £910 Crooklands Farm; £890 Jolly Fold Farm; £830 Hawkrigg End. Hfd: £850 Cock Hall Farm; £800 Jolly Fold Farm. Sim: £1050 Old Woodhouse; £1010 Orchard Heys Farm; £890 Jolley Fold Farm; £860 Bouthwaite Farm. £880 New House Farm. BB: £960 Willow House Farm; £930 Walmsley Farm; £920 Crooklands Farm. AA: £1000 Millbeck; £860, £820 Bouthwaite Farm; £820 Rowell Farm; £800 Cropper Farm; £770 Brow Foot Farm. Shorthorn: £750 Hill Top Farm. Stab: £830 Bouthwaite Farm. Mont: £950 Willow House Farm.

STORE HEIFERS – Lim: £860, £850, £820 Bouthwaite Farm; £840 New House Farm; £780 Holly House Farm; £730 Cropper Farm, Ellers Farm; £700 Broughton House Farm. Char: £840, £830 Hawkrigg. Sim: £970 Walmsley Fold; £880 Bouthwaite Farm; £870 Norbreck Farm; £760 Upp Hall. Blo: £790, £680, £660 Throstle Nest Farm. BB: £820 Mill Bank; £720, £670 Hang Yeat; £690 Little Moss Side. AA: £900 Forton Bank; £810 Upp Hall; £780 Norbreck Farm, Lostock Bridge Farm. Saler: £690 Billinge Hall Farm. WB: £870 Norbreck Farm. Sussex: £730 Cropper Farm.

STORE BULLS: Fr: £640 Park Farm. BB: £680 Park Farm. Lim: £590 Lower Swainshead.

CAST COWS, BULLS & OTM CLEAN CATTLE - Fr: 139.5p/kg, 121.5p/kg Ninezergh; 131.5p/kg Beaumont Gate; 129.5p/kg Elm Bank Farm, Stubb Hall Farm; 124.5p/kg, 107.5p/kg Pasture Barn Farm; 114.5p/kg Stubb Hall Farm; 111.5p/kg Strickland Hill, Sunderland Brows Farm; 107.5p/kg Greaves Farm. Lim: 151.5p/kg High House; 144.5p/kg Hazelslack Tower Farm; 141.5p/kg Upp Hall; 119.5p/kg Chapelfields; 114.5p/kg High House; 111.5p/kg Deepclough; 109.5p/kg Elm Bank Farm; 107.5p/kg Endmoor Farm. Char: 124.5p/kg Broad Oak. Sim: 144.5p/kg, 141.5p/kg Upp Hall; 104.5p/kg Carr House Farm. Blo: 109.5p/kg Mireside Farm. BB: 149.5p/kg Chapelfields; 101.5p/kg Deepclough; 99.5p/kg Thornbush. AA: 139.5p/kg Sunderland Brows; 134.5p/kg College Green. Saler: 144.5p/kg Bank House Farm. Brown Swiss: 91.5p/kg Sandvilla. Mont: 129.5p/kg Elm Bank Farm. Sw/Red: 91.5p/kg Low Sizergh. BULL CALVES – BB: £380 Hindley Green; £288 Norbreck Farm. Lim: £170 Tunstall Hall. Fr: £70, £60 Endmoor Farm; £50 Tills Farm.

HEIFER CALVES – BB: £385 Hindley Green. Lim: £350 Hindley Green.

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