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Lancaster Monday 22/11

Posted Monday, 22 November 2010, 1.09pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart enjoyed a much improved lamb trade this week and many more lambs could easily have been sold at the Monday morning sale.

In fact the early doors start each Monday continues to find favour with buyers, and there were more butchers and wholesalers in the ring this week. Handy weight lambs were in demand from start to finish to average 158.5p/kg. A top price of 191p/kg went to D & DW Prickett, Farleton House for Texel lambs purchased by Roy Schofield for MJ Birtwistle butchers of Worsley. Top price per head of £75 was achieved by the Exors of SP Pease and again these were purchased by MJ Birtwistle butchers. Close behind at £74.50 was CR Eastwood of Overdale whose Suffolk lambs were purchased by Geoff Riley Snr. butcher of Dunnockshaw.

An improved entry of cast ewes were as expected also in much demand. Top price of £76 went to TR Prickett, Hutton Roof Hall for Continental Ewes purchased by Michael Lomax of Bolton.

In the prime cattle ring Ambrose Rayton, Winston, continued his excellent run of weekly cattle selling to a top of 183.5p/kg for a Limousin heifer which was purchased by Roy Schofield for Samuel Howarth Ltd butchers of Diggle. A similar entry of prime bulls were mainly of commercial grade. However, good quality Continentals were in demand selling to 169.5p/kg for a Limousin from TH & D Cornthwaite, Low Tarn Green and this was purchased by Frank Towers of Wray.


PRIME LAMBS - Texel: £75, £73.50 Underley Estate; £73.50, £72 Hutton Roof Hall; £71 Sandy Hill Farm; £70 Lower Highfield Farm, Oak Head Farm, Ashton Barn. Suffolk: £74.50 Overdale; £70, £68.50 North Farm; £69.50 Ewan Mill; £69 Fell End Farm. Char: £69.50 Highfield Farm; £69.50, £67 Jacksons Farm; £65.50 Gaskell House; £63 Overdale; £62 North Farm. Masham: £69 Fell End Farm; £65 Allcocks Farm. Cheviot: £64.50 North Farm; £62.50 Underley Estate. Horned: £68.50 North Farm; £55 Yarlsber. Mule: £64 Braida Garth; £63.50 Bank Farm; £63 Fell End Farm, Braida Garth, Brown Edge. Lleyn: £65.50 Low Foulshaw Farm. Leic: £59 Yarlsber; £58.50 Yates Farm.

CAST SHEEP – Cont: £76 Hutton Roof Hall. Texel: £75, £73 Ashton Barn; £71, £70 Hutton Roof Hall. Mule: £69 Ewan Mill; £65 Ashton Barn; £64 North Farm. Masham: £59 Overdale. Horned: £53 Hutton Roof Hall; £46 Ashton Barn; £45 Longstripes. Jacob: £40 Ashton Barn.

PRIME CATTLE - Lim: 183.5p/kg, 165.5p/kg Winston; 169.5p/kg, 168.5p/kg, 163.5p/kg New Close. Blonde: 162.5p/kg Winston. Hfd: 129.5p/kg. Stab: 145.5p/kg, 144.5p/kg Low Foulshaw Farm. BB: 174.5p/kg, 169.5p/kg Fell End Farm. AA: 126.5p/kg Green Close.

PRIME BULLS - Lim: 163.5p/kg, 158.5p/kg, 154.5p/kg Low Tarn Green; 152.5p/kg Calcads Farm. BB: 169.5p/kg Low Tarn Green. AA: 139.5p/kg Larbreck Hill Farm. Fr: 122.5p/kg, 119.5p/kg Yeat House.

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