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Lancaster Friday 19/11

Posted Friday, 19 November 2010, 1.09pm

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart had forward another very pleasing entry of 382 store cattle, 70 rearing calves, 93 cast cows and over thirty month clean cattle, 1 dairy heifer and 50 store lambs at their regular weekly sale of breeding and store stock.

Short keep and higher grade Continental store cattle were if anything dearer on the week. Plainer grade cattle were a shade easier. A top price of £1160 was achieved by Messrs EJ & JA Burrow, Hazelslack Farm. The heifer trade was twice topped at £870 firstly by M Southern of Bugle Horn Farm with Belgian Blue heifers and secondly by P & EM Mason, Spital Farm who sold a pen of Angus x heifers.

In the cast cow ring another excellent weekly entry were a mixed trade with meat once again good to sell. The top price of 119.5p/kg went to AJ Copper, Lima Farm for a Holstein cow. This was also the top price cow per head at £915.37. Cast heifers topped 117.5p/kg for an Angus x heifer from WH Kitching & Son, Hawes Farm Over thirty month bullocks were in great demand selling to 129.5p/kg for a black & white from C Hargreaves & Son, Sunderland Brows Farm.

The weekly sale of rearing calves also included a special monthly sale of stronger stirks and this drew an excellent entry of cattle with all calf pens full to the brim. Top price of the day was £400 for an Angus x bull calf from F & TE Park Borwick Fold. The same partnership also topped the heifer trade at £380. There was a ring full of buyers for this sale and trade was better than expected.

In advance of the special Christmas Prize Show of Dairy Cattle next week, there was only one dairy heifer in the market. This was from W & C Gorst & Sons, Hole of Ellel. This heifer made £1220 and was nicely sold on the day. A small entry of store lambs sold to a top of £59 for Texel x lambs from RT Aldren & Son, Moorgate.


STORE BULLOCKS - Lim: £1160 Hazelslack Tower; £1100, £960 High House Farm; £990, £920, £890 Moorham Hill Nurseries; £980 Intack Farm; £890 Orchard Heys Farm; £870 Endmoor Farm. Char: £920 Mount Pleasant; £770 North Farm. Hfd: £870 Butterfly Hall. Sim: £930 Orchard Heys Farm; £760 Hill Top; £740 Lawsons Farm. Blo: £880 Squires Gate Farm; £860 Goose Green; £700 Maidenlands Tarn. BB: £880, £840 Carlingwha; £870 High House Farm, Hill Top Farm; £780 Squires Gate Farm; £740 Ellers Farm; £700 Maidenlands Tarn. AA: £870 Fanny House Farm, High Green; £830 Hill Top Farm; £820 Low Kit Brow, Ellers Farm, Raw End Farm. Shorthorn: £760 Cock Hall Farm. MRI: £730 Cock Hall Farm. Galloway: £570 Clarksons Farm. Brown Swiss: £680 Hill Top. Fr: £740 Intack Farm; £720 Marsh Farm, Godson House Farm; £710 Spital Farm, Bambers Farm; £700 Cock Hall Farm.

STORE HEIFERS - Lim: £790 Bouthwaite Farm; £710 Barnfield Farm; £690, £680 Cropper Farm; £670 Beech House, Fleetwood Farm; £600 Downlands Farm. Char: £750 Crooklands. Hfd: £660 Jolley Fold Farm. Sim: £860, £780 Intack Farm; £690 Cropper Farm, Beckside Farm. Fr: £760 Strickland Hill; £630 Fairfield Farm. Blo: £750 Goose Green; £690 Throstle Nest Farm, Jolley Fold Farm. BB: £870 Bugle Horn Farm; £780, £730 Butterfly Hall; £750 Barnfield Farm; £730 Beckside Farm. AA: £870 Spital Farm; £770 High Green; £760 Brow Foot Farm; £720 White Lund Farm.

CAST COWS - Fr: 119.5p/kg Lima Farm; 101.5p/kg, 94.5p/kg Low Levens, 101.5p/kg Lee End Farm; 99.5p/kg Brantbeck Farm; 97.5p/kg Catshaw Hall Farm, Low House; 94.5p/kg North Farm. Lim: 109.5p/kg, 99.5p/kg Hutton Roof Hall; 104.5p/kg High Fell Gate; 91.5p/kg Rooten Brook, Field Head. BB: 104.5p/kg Over Houses, 99.5p/kg Kelleth Rigg; 94.5p/kg High Fell Gate. Ayr: 84.5p/kg Rose Farm. AA: 84.5p/kg Rooten Brook. Mont: 89.5p/kg Johnson House.

CAST HEIFERS - Fr: 104.5p/kg College Green. AA: 117.5p/kg Hawes Farm. Swedish R&W: 109.5p/kg Lawrence House CAST BULLOCKS - Fr: 129.5p/kg, 124.5p/kg, 114.5p/kg Sunderland Brows Farm. Lim: 124.5p/kg Tenters Farm. Sim: 127.5p/kg Tenters Farm. Blo: 121.5p/kg Crabtree Farm.

BULL CALVES – AA: £400 Borwick Fold Farm; £320, £315 Bellart Howe; £300 Scale House, Coverdales; £240 Scale House BB: £390 Borwick Fold Farm; £380, £360 £300 Coverdales. Sim: £355 Scale House. Lim: £280 Stirk Hey Farm; £160, £140 Low Stanger Thwaite. Fr: £100, £70 Scale House; £68 Cocker House Farm; £60, £40 Ancliffe Hall Farm.

HEIFER CALVES – AA: £380 Borwick Fold Farm; £350, £300 Coverdales; £300 Claughton Green Farm; £290 Stirk Hey Farm. BB: £360 Oak Avenue; £240 Coverdales; £175, £140 Sandvilla. Sim: £280 Claughton Green Farm. Lim: £280 Scale House; £230 Stirk Hey Farm.

STORE LAMBS – Texel x: £59 Moorgate. Dalesbred: £47 Isle of Sky Farm.

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