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Lancaster Friday 22/10/10

Posted Monday, 25 October 2010, 1.03pm

Big Numbers Once Again At Lancaster

North West Auctions Lancaster Mart held their weekly sale of store & breeding stock. Once again there was an excellent catalogue entry of 551 store cattle together with 30 rearing calves, 103 over thirty month cattle, 1 dairy cow and a few pens of breeding and store sheep.

The general store cattle trade seems to be holding very well with younger beef bred animals showing a rise in value. Stronger dairy bred types continue on a par. The top price of £1080 went to both Mr RH Dodgson, Kilburn House and MS Dugdale & Sons, Tewitfield Farm for Limousin x steers. Store heifers topped at £960 from Mr BN Greenwood, Lonsdale for a pen of Charolais heifers.

In the over thirty month ring a superb entry of more than 100 drew even more buyers this week. Cows were good to sell all day averaging 92.15p/kg including a large entry of plainer Friesian types. However meat was much in demand and a top price of 127.5p/kg was achieved by Messrs EE Thornton & Sons, Downlands Farm. This was a Holstein cow purchased by Mr Frank Towers of Lancaster. OTM heifers sold to 134.5p/kg which was twice given to Mr R Oldfield of Brow Foot by Mr CJ Anderson, Dumfries and Mr Frank Towers of Lancaster. Top price per head was for a Friesian cow from TD Inman of Milton Moor and this made £877.80.

There was only one dairy cow in the market this week and this was sold by regular vendor Mr James Lamb of Old Glasson and the cow made £1200.

Earlier in the day a strong show of mainly beef calves sold to a ringside of buyers with several old faces returning. Top price of the day was £280 for a smart Blonde x Heifer from Mr D Wilson, Kendal with bulls to £235 from J Bargh & Son, Morecambe. Black & Whites topped at £168 averaging £65 on the day. A small entry of breeding sheep topped at £120 for a pen of Mule Gimmer Shearlings from Messrs CL & AM Mason, Greenlands.


STORE STEERS Lim: £1080 Kilburn House & Tewitfield Farm, £940 Godson House Farm, £930 Milton Moor Farm, £930 Willow House Farm, £910 Kilburn House, £880 Gibraltar Farm. Char: £970 Willow House Farm, £940 Crooklands Farm & Gibraltar Farm, £800 & £760 Ivy Cottage, £790 Heaton Hall. BB: £1080 Tewitfield Farm, £1000 High Fell Gate, £940 Low Barrows Green, £920 Mount Pleasant & Gibraltar, £900 Heaton Hall, £890 Endmoor Farm & Holmegarth, £880 Fairfield Farm. Sim: £960 Holmegarth, £920 Fairfield Farm, £920 Low Barrows Green, £900 Heaton Hall, £880 Crabtree Farm, £800 North Farm, £780 Littlewood Hall. AA: £910 Fairfield Farm & Myerscough College, £890 Midge Hall Farm & Green Close, £880 Godson House Farm, £860 Raw End Farm & North Farm, £850 Myerscough College, £840 Low Kit Brow. Blo: £890 Cock Hall Farm, £800 & £770 Hallbeck, £670 Clarksons Farm. Hfd: £900 Cock Hall Farm, £770 Haighton Hall, £650 Harrison Farm. S/H: £700 Whaitber. Stab: £650 Gibsons Farm. Mont: £790 & £780 Braeslacks.

STORE HEIFERS Lim: £930 & £720 Station Hotel, £850 Wray Farm, £800 Bouthwaite Farm, £790 Lonsdale, £770 & £710 Mireside, £700 Rowell Farm, £680 Low Woodedge & Lodge Farm. Char: £960 Lonsdale, £800 Low Barrows Green, £720 Ivy Cottage, £700 Thursgill, £680 Holme House & Hawkrigg End. Sim: £880 Holmegarth. Blo: £900, £890 £870 Goose Green, £810 Hallbeck, £750 Riddings. BB: £840 High Fell Gate, £800 Yew Tree Farm, £750 New Parkside Farm, £710 Pasture House Farm, £700 Cropper Farm & Goose Green. AA: £800 Raw End Farm & Bouthwaite Farm, £790 Yew Tree Farm, £780 Low Levens, £750 Rowell Farm.

COWS & CALVES Lim: £1000 Milton Moor. BB: £880 Milton Moor.

DAIRY CATTLE £1200 Old Glasson

BULL CALVES - BB: £235 North Farm, £208 Barrow Greaves Farm, £160 Sandvilla. AA: £135 College Green. Hfd: £160 Stanley Farm. Fr: £168, £160 & £155 Green Dragon Farm, £62 Barrow Greaves, £47 & £40 Tills Farm. Lim: £120 Stanley Farm. MRI: £40 Sandvilla.
HIEFER CALVES - Blo: £280 Townhead. Lim: £175 & £170 Brantbeck. AA: £98 College Green, £80 Sandvilla.


COWS – Fr: 127.5p/kg & 124.5p/kg Downlands Farm, 107.5p/kg Strickland Hill, Hilderstone Farm, Docker Hall & Gibraltar Farm, 104.5p/kg Heaton Hall Farm, Holme House Farm, Sandvilla & Milton Moor Farm. Lim: 109.5p/kg High House Far, 107.5p/kg Riddings & Croft Foot Farm. Char: 101.5p/kg Brown Edge. Hfd: 104.5p/kg Middle Lee Farm. Sim: 94.5p/kg Fell End & Corney Hill Farm. BB: 114.5p/kg & 99.5p/kg Riddings, 109.5p/kg Mireside Farm, 104.5p/kg Brown Edge. MRI: 104.5p/kg Sandvilla. B/S: 104.5p/kg Sandvilla.
OTM HEIFERS - Lim: 134.5p/kg & 124.5p/kg Brow Foot Farm. Hfd: 114.5p/kg Syke Fold Farm. AA: 131.5p/kg & 129.5p/kg Brow Foot Farm.

STORE LAMBS - Texel: £57 & £48 Ewan Mill, £47 & £45 Lower Castle O’Trim. Char: £52.50 Yealand Manor. Chev: £53 & £50 Cragg Farm.

BREEDING SHEEP - Mule Gimmers: £120 Greenlands.

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