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Kendal Tuesday 12/10

Posted Wednesday, 13 October 2010, 12.51pm


North West Auctions Kendal Mart had forward an excellent entry of 2200 prime sheep together with the monthly sale of 84 breeding and store pigs and 29 calves and stirks.

Prime lambs were considerably dearer on the week with some vendors reporting a £4 per head rise. Spring lambs averaged 154.5p/kg selling to a top of 175p/kg for Texel x lambs from EA Atkinson, Scarside and these were purchased for £66.50 by Jim Hadwin, Mansergh. An excellent top price per head of £90 was achieved by TJ Winder of Gaisgill Row for his Texel lambs.

The cast sheep trade at Kendal remains very strong with Continental ewes selling to a top of £75 from FW Park, Bannerigg Farm. Plain ewes were also very dear on the day.

The special monthly sale of store and breeding pigs was once again very well supported with an excellent entry of 84 pigs on offer from throughout the county. A top price of £166 was achieved by JA Noble, Stoneyhead for an In-pig Saddleback x Gilt. A Gloucester Old Spot breeding sow from Graham Hogg, Egremont sold for £107. Trade for weaner pigs was very good with plenty of local demand as interest in pigs continues to grow.

An increased entry of rearing calves sold to £255 for a British Blue heifer calf from R Packham & Sons, Docker Farm.

PRIME LAMBS - Suffolk: £70 Low Newton & Raw Head, £69.50 Sandscale Farm, £69 Hood Ridding, £68.50 New Close, £68 Aynsome Manor & Garnett Folds. Texel: £90 Gaisgill Row, £75 Sandscale, £70 High Underbrow, Oldfield End, Lambrigg Head Farm & Scarside, £69 New Close & Lambrigg Head Farm, £68 Flodder Hall. Char: £74 Aynsome Manor, £72 Gibraltar Farm, £70 Myers Farm & Gibraltar Farm. Teeswater: £62 Mutton Hall. Chev: £64 Croft Foot. Mule: £68.50 & £64 Mid Town House, £63.50 Ashstead & Flodder Hall, £62.50 High Greenside, £62 Old School House. Cont: £65 & £62 Bannerigg Farm, £57 High Low Wood. Horned: £62 Croft Foot, £57 High Arnside Farm, £56 Bracken Hill, £55 Fell End, £53 Beckside Farm.

CAST EWES - Cont: £75 Bannerigg Farm, £74 Holme Field, £67 & £62 Sunny Bank, £60 Tullithwaite Hall. Texel: £74 Tullithwaite Hall, £68 Low Stanger Thwaite, £62 Farm Highfield, £60 Hallbeck. Mule: £68 High Swinklebank Farm, £66 Tullithwaite Hall, £65 Aynsome Manor & Low House & Cinder Barrow, £63 & £62 Meadow Oaks. R/F: £63 Cotegill, £57 Crabtree Farm. Swale: £54 Hall Farm. Chev: £60 & £50 Underley Estate.

CALVES - BB Hfrs: £255 Docker Hall. Lim Hfrs: £200 & £150 Low Stanger Thwaite. BB Bulls: £160 Sunny Bank. Fr Bulls: £130 & £100 Far Audlands, £60 Woodhouse Farm.

PIGS - Fat Pigs: £78 (Pietrain x) Windygate, £66 (Large White x) Stoneyhead. Store/Weaners: £67 (Pietrain x Gilts) Western Houses, £54 & £51 (Pietrain x) Holme Head, £50 (Pietrain x) Syles Farm, £42 (Large White) Langdale. Breeding Pigs: £166 (Saddleback x Gilt in-pig) Stoneyhead, £107 (G.O.S. x Sow) Egremont, £85 (Saddleback Boar) Egremont, £68 (G.O.S. Gilt) Egremont.

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