Lancaster - Primestock

Weekly on Mondays at 9.00am

Dates for this event

  • 27th November 2017,
  • 4th December 2017,
  • 11th December 2017,
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  • 18th December 2017,
  • 2nd January 2018
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Prime Lambs & Prime Hoggs sold weekly at Lancaster at 9am this followed by the sale of Cast Sheep. 

Weekly sale of Prime Bulls and Clean Cattle at 10.30am.


Monday 4th December

Christmas Show & Sale of Prime Lambs & Prime Cattle

Prime Lambs

Judging at 8am 
Sale at 9am

1. 5 Lowland Sired Prime Lambs
2. 2 Beltex/Beltex x Prime Lambs
3. 5 Mule/Masham Prime Lambs
4. 5 Horned/Herdwick Prime Lambs
5. 5 Cheviot and other Hill Breeds  

Champion to receive the Kellet Trophy 

Prime Butchers Cattle

Judging at 10am
Sale at 10.30am

1. Prime Heifer
2. Prime Bullock
3. Prime Bull

Champion to receive the Lancaster Auction Mart Trophy.

The best Limousin to receive the Casson Trophy. 

Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Young Handlers Show & Sale of Prime Lambs

Judging 8am
Sale 9am

1. Single Lowland Lamb
2. Single Hill Lamb to include Mule & Masham
3. Best Young Handler - all ages 26 or under

To be shown by a young handler age 26 or under

Show classes for ages under 12 years & over 12 years

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