Helpful Reminders from NWA Professional

By Olivia Muir, 04 January 2017 – 

Sheep Annual Inventory

Don’t forget that you should complete and return your form with all your sheep Numbers as of the 1st December. You must also note the numbers in your flock register in case of inspection by RPA.

Temporary Holding Numbers and links

The new initiative from DEFRA is causing a lot of confusion and headaches, particularly at BCMS links are no longer being renewed. If you need any help please call and see Kathryn or Rodney.

Agricultural Waste Exemptions

Many of these will have expired in the last few months and although we did lots of applications three years ago, we have done a few renewals. If you have renewed your own exemptions that is good, but if not please contact us and we will help.

Basic Payment Scheme 2016

Although there are still clients who have not been paid fully in 2015, the payment window for 2016 opens on the 1st December. RPA are still saying they will pay 90% of farmers by the end of December, but whether this payment will actually be correct we are not sure. If you receive any money this is wonderful and we expect payments to be 17% higher that 2015. If there is much difference please let us know and we can check to see if your 2015 payment was actually correct, as many we were not.

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